There will surely be an icon you need

Converge international popular styles, such as WeChat, Weibo, QQ and various types of arrows, as well as basic icons such as phone, homepage, settings, etc., free and open, welcome to use.

12 specifications are defined

Through .zi_1x up to .zi_12x,12 sizes can be defined and used--> <i class="zi zi_birthdaycake zi_12x" zico="生日蛋糕"></i>

Freely define your colors to show

Extremely convenient definition icon color --> <i class="zi zi_baseballball" zico="棒球" style="color: red"></i>

Rich actions

Zoom, bouncing, lights, rotation, windmills, fade-in, and other special effects

More support for column width definition, composition, inversion, borders and a series of tips->

Full platform adaptation

Various call methods meet your business scenario